Galentine's Day Photoshoot

Last weekend I pulled off my very first organized photoshoot! And I have been soo impatient to share the rest of the photos with you, so get ready for a whole lot of Galentine's Day/Coffee Shop/Girl Get-together cuteness!

Here's a synopsis of my thought process from how I got the idea for a photo shoot to how I made it happen:

-I embroidered these coffee sweatshirts back in October/November. They all say "Coffee is my Love Language" because that should totally be a thing, right?

-I started to realize these sweatshirts about coffee and love would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, and I really wanted to market them that way on Etsy! So I knew I needed to get these photographed well in advance.

-That's when I decided I wanted to organize a photoshoot! With matching coffee sweatshirts! At a coffee shop!

-I imagined exchanging Valentines, heart candies, holding cups of coffee (the heart shaped latte art wasn't planned, but worked perfectly!)

-I just needed 2-3 models (I had 3 sweatshirts at the time)

-One thing led to another and I ended up with FOUR of my girlfriends able to model!

-That meant I needed to come up with a 4th sweatshirt but I was happy for an excuse to try embroidering with METALLIC THREAD! I think there's a lot of great possibility with changing the color of the sweatshirt, trying silver thread, etc. But it turned out so cute!

-I chose the specific cafe for 2 reasons: we would be attending a baby shower for a close friend later in the morning, and I didn't want my potential models to have to travel out of their way for the photoshoot before the baby shower. Goddess and the Baker is a new location at a fairly new shopping center near us. I had also never been to the new cafe, so I thought it would be a fun excuse to visit!

-As I ordered my hot chocolate the night before as I scoped out the cafe, the barista confirmed that it was alright- and highly encouraged- to take photos the next morning!

So that's the story of how it happened! Keep scrolling to see the rest of the photos!

On the morning of the photoshoot, it was snowing pretty heavily and had snowed all night as well! It was our first real snowstorm, and we were perfectly cozy with our coffees and sweatshirts inside the café that morning!

One thing about photographing your friends is that there is always bound to be laughter, and those moments made some of the cutest photos! I was amazed at how relaxed everyone was and getting good photos (with my phone camera!) of everyone was so easy! Definitely a dream team! I’m so grateful that I have friends who are so enthusiastic about each other’s dreams and make time to support each other.

I'm so glad I sent that first text to a friend asking her to be a model, because from there everything seemed to magically snowball (literally- we had the photoshoot during a Wisconsin snowstorm) and all the pieces came together perfectly! I could not have planned the arrangements any better! Just goes to show you that if you have an idea, let it out of your head! And start making moves!

Two things before I wrap this up: 1. If you give gifts for Valentine's Day (or you're thinking of giving someone a gift in the near future) there's a good chance the recipient would absolutely love receiving a handmade, heartfelt gift like these hand embroidered sweatshirts. Click on the photo above to visit my Etsy page, where you can order an embroidered sweatshirt for yourself or for a friend! I have 4 currently in the shop, all size medium, but if you need a different size, color, or entirely new design.....

2. Know that I also do custom embroidery! Click HERE to see my custom sweatshirt listing, where you can choose your size, sweatshirt color, up to 3 thread colors, and even type in your own custom phrase with the easy customization tool!

2b. I also have a custom baseball cap listing, if hats are more your thing! Choose your colors and design there, too!

Last but definitely not least I want to thank these four girls (and some others who couldn't join us but volunteered for next time!) for being supportive and making the time to come out on a snowy Saturday morning! I am still so amazed at how perfectly everything turned out- from the way everyone fit into the same size (sisterhood of the traveling sweatshirt??) to the cute corner of the cafe we were so lucky to have to ourselves, to the beautiful images I captured of each of you and the embroidery designs.

Thanks for being my "Galentines" and for your enthusiasm, support, and most of all your friendship! Here's to more excuses to get together over coffee for some sweet chats about life, Instagram/Blogs, and tips for using up all the spinach in our refrigerators! ;)

xo, Jaina

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