Playing "Wedding"

When my sisters and I were little, one of our favorite things to do together was dress up in mom's sheets and table cloths (Shh! Don't tell!) and play wedding. I remember stuffing pillows in the fold of a sheet that we'd tie around our waist, and it made the most glorious bustle and train. We'd head outside to pick our bouquets of wildflowers, sometimes bringing a roll of toilet paper to use as our aisle runner, and decide who was getting married that particular afternoon. Usually it was all 3 of us up at the "altar," in a narrow mowed patch of grass next to an old corn field. Any doll or stuffed animal we could find and carry would be lined up in rows with space down the middle, and we'd hum "Here Comes the Bride" as we strew flower petals ahead of ourselves, beaming with bridal bliss all the way down the aisle to our imaginary Grooms who were waiting for us "up front."

I think one of the reasons I loved this imaginary game was the process, the art of getting our wedding "dresses" ready. I loved folding, draping, arranging the luxurious tablecloth fabrics around my waist, and tying the perfect bow of ribbon to hold everything together. We even got seriously good at using safety pins- we were professional 4-8 year olds who knew how to upcycle a white sheet. ;)

I still play with fabric after I get home with it. Especially if I'm not one hundred percent sure what I'm making, I'll just play around with the fabric and observe how it stretches, how it gathers and falls to lay on my shape. It's therapeutic, really, as well as educational. I'll start planning and sketching as I go, and by the end of what can turn into 30 minutes of this, I'll know exactly how the garment will look when I'm done.

We have a wedding to attend this weekend, and I'm determined to make a dress in the short amount of time. This is a normal occurrence. (Most of my childhood Saturday nights were spent making something to wear to church the next morning.)

I've been loving the velvet trend recently. Once I was able to see past the "grungey 90's" that I used to associate with it, I've really fallen in love with the way it can be dressed down, or made into an understated elegant outfit.

Now I'm especially excited to get out of work every afternoon the next couple days to turn this fabric into a new favorite dress!


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